Upon joining the BTCFUNDNETWORK, you are provided with a blank board with a number of columns and rows. The dimensions of the board may vary from one company to another. Members get compensation upon filling the columns with new associates, or members.

IN BTCFUNDNETWORK You Upgrade for only $10.00 One Time Fee. You will be on Phase 1 (2×2) you need  to complete 1st cycle and Get Paid and open a new cycle. and re-entery on Phase 2 (2×3) only three level depths, so this gives you total of two members on your first level and total of four members on your second level and total of eight members on your third level. With also help of you upline spill over. When you are done with this your cycle is completed.The biggest advantage of BTCFUNDNETWORK is that you can earn up to unlimited with is very less effort involved. 

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BTCFUNDNETWORK with multiple earnings.

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